I am dissapoint!

I wanted to do so much during this autumn. Now it’s December. We have achieved exactly zilch!

I know I should’ve pushed harder, but I am NOT qualified for a project of this type and magnitude. That’s why I ask for help!

I’ll try not to give up. But frankly, I suck at this.

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We rise!

Hello, and welcome to October, meine freunde!

Operation m2e will slowly awaken in the course of this month, and the plan will be finalized.

There are a few questions left that must be answered to carry on.

Do we share a room, or do you want a room of your own?
Can you pay for your own hotel room, if we only get enough for the plane tickets (non-issue if we share the room)?
Do you prefer arriving earlier than the con, or leaving later (the current plan is kinda both)?
Do we sleep in Frankfurt (bigger city) before and after the con, or do we stay at Kassel (place of con)?
Do we visit the Oktoberfest (a few days) after the con?
What could we a good way of rewarding the people contributing?
Matzevolt, MasterOtenko:
Are you planning on staying with Kaylyn for the complete length of her stay?
Do we share a room, or do you want a room of your own?
Which place in Frankfurt and Kassel would be most efficient to stay at (if we need quality wifi)?
What could we a good way of rewarding the people contributing?
Please answer in the comment section. Feel free to comment on and discuss all the questions. 🙂

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The Week

Plans for the week (with free German lesson):

day 1 Mittwoch Kaylyn arrives, we get her to her hotel
day 2 Donnerstag exploring Frankfurt (via bike, weather allowing)
day 3 Freitag arrival at Kassel, first day of con (14-)
day 4 Samstag second day of con, supporter reward event (10-)
day 5 Sonntag third day of con (10-17), back to Frankfurt (probably)
day 6 Montag Fulda, more Frankfurt
day 7 Dienstag Kaylyn leaves
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The grand plan

1, Ask Kaylyn if she’s ok with this √

2, Find as many European fans as possible

3, Gather some loonies (people willing to help)

4, Get preliminary data about fan willingness to participate (likely amount of cash, people willing to chip in)

5, Choose con with fan help (probably Connichi in Germany) √

6, Find quotes for week-long hotel stay, train and plane tickets, public transport, con pricing

7, Present Marz with data, get her on board

8, Set goals: plane tickets (~€700), hotel (~€700), anything else

9, Figure out something as an incentive/reward for sponsors (private party? live Q&A?)

10, Record video for pitch (Kaylyn needs to be featured)

11, Start crowd-sourcing project on Sponsume (or other, if loonies have a better one)

12, Market it through: Marz twitter/videos, relevant forums, European TGWTG members’ twitters

13, ???


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